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Kent Scouts Role of Honour 2023

17th April 2023

Role of Honour 2023

Scouts is powered by your courage and kindness.

"In this special coronation year, it’s more important than ever that we say thank you for all you do. Your example of service is an inspiration to me and to our young people. Without you, we couldn’t offer the opportunities for our Scouts to the gain the skills they need to succeed, week in, week out. We couldn’t help them try new things, forge new friendships and go to new places – like the 25th World Scout Jamboree in Korea where we’re heading this summer. We couldn’t help our young people shine and soar. You see the ones who make it all possible.

Whether you support Scouts quietly behind the scenes, deliver activities or help us get organised, it’s your actions that make all the difference. That’s why you so richly deserve the recognition in this 2023 Roll of Honour.

It’s equally important we salute the astonishing bravery and resilience of our Gallantry and Meritorious Award Holders. All of you have done something extraordinary, and inspired us with your bravery and resilience. You stepped up when it counted.

Thank you for all you do. You’re true inspirations to us all."


Kent Scout Awards issued between 1 January 2022 and 31 December 2022

The Chief Scout's Commendation for Meritorious Conduct

Linnea Louise Electra Carter

Silver Wolf

Desmond Peter Harris
Jacqueline Anne Rampall

Silver Acorn

Barbara Jane Griffiths
David Brian Kenneth Hobden
Frank Ernest Pantony
Heather Margaret Rowell
Ian MacKenzie
Jeremy Douglas Wilkes
Joan Evelyn Pantony
John Barry Glentworth
Linda Kathleen Waring
Linda Margaret Iverson
Michael Charles Billin
Ronald Thomas Wells

Bar to the Award for Merit

Graham Killick
Nicholas Stephen Burgess
Stuart Roger Turk

Award for Merit

Christopher Divers
Lisa Thornton
Mark David Whittock
Deborah Jane Banks
Jack David Darge Young
Linda Christine Thomas
Christopher Ian Mears
Samantha Jane Louise Trill
Jacqueline Wilkinson
Paul Andrew Betts
Leslie Michael Beale
Margaret Gates
Henson Appleby
Karen Tracy Tyler
David Andrew Knight
Stephen John Hood
Joanna Gail Brookbank
Michael David Dreksler
Alison Clare Austin
Andrew Edward Avis
Angela Palmer
Gordon Frederick Weavers
Tracey Anne Garnier
Adele Joyce Govett

Chief Scout’s Commendation for Good Service

Anna Patricia Hilder
Anthony Goodbun
Carla Fisher
Christopher Lawrence Declan Bury
Daniel James Everest
Dylan Daniel Simmons
Edward Michael Poole
Jacqueline Marsh
James David Joyce
James Gregory
Kevin John Chidwick
Kim Penelope Smetham
Mark John Bloodworth
Nicole Batchelor
Rachel Tappenden
Thomas David Underdown
Victoria Caroline Schipper
Yolanda Crews
Ben Michael Knowles
Colin Roger Bolt
Diane Mary O'Neill
James Thomas Capon
Jane Elizabeth Newsome
Mark Robert Price
David Edward May
Ivan James Goldup
Valerie Rye
Hilary Carroll
Kate Sharpe
Simon Gale
Anna Christine Thurston
Cheryl Lorraine Yardley
Christopher Ian Pike
Darryl Martyne Boughen
Lee Malcolm Norris
Leigh Nicola Crook
Lisa May Andrews
Matthew James Killick
Megan Louise Banting
Peter William Norris
Sally Gollop
Samantha Louise Crook
Sandra Morrison
Sarah Louise Fowle
Stephen Clive Gollop
Tina Anna Cheetham
Clare Hambleton
Gillian Lewis
Michael Hazlewood
Philip James Blakemore
Sarah Elizabeth Addy
Nirav Bipin Patel


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